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May 11, 2017
You are not alone
June 20, 2017
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Speak to the life you want, say it until you see it, and only surround yourself with people who deserve what you have to give and freely give back.


  1. Calvin R. Robinson says:

    Life can be cooky! I say that because generally (not even aware) we really describe life based on the experience we have with people.

    You see, we define life by the way people treat us. Life has so much to offer. God has made everything good in His time! And so, with this realization! We can no longer give up or give out when others treat you…not so good!

    We are free to live, love, and have joy! The tip: Surround ourselves with good people and good people will give back good stuff! Good synenergy, good love and great relationships.

    • Natasha Cash says:

      Hi Reverend Calvin,

      Thanks for responding. My question to you is what do you do when you look for the good in people and they end up taking the good out of you?

      • Calvin R. Robinson says:

        Your Good should not be affected by the lack of goodness in others! Ultimately, good is as love it never fails! In Jesus He equips us with His Holy Spirit. Without it, the goodness in us runs out and becomes corrupt.

        The Spirit helps us bear the fruit of goodness. And so, if the Holy Spirit is with you your goodness will always be there!

        If you see no good then chances are the ability for the other individual(s) to be good may not be possible for long or even at all. Some have an ostentatious display but that’s when you dealing with the Devil!

        We recognize downfall in other’s. If we love them we encourage them that goodness is right. Goodness is right even in desperate situations.

        Temptation is a mug! Galatians 6:1

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